Family History Research

I can help you:

  • trace single or multiple family lines
  • track down specific documents or transcripts
  • with research into a specific genealogical question or brick wall
  • with guidance to help you start to research on your own
  • translate research you have already done into a ‘story’ you can share with your friends and family


For an initial consultation, first four hours of research and a basic report of findings, $125. At this point, a decision on next steps can be made. After the initial period, research is $25/hour or $100/5 hours of research, plus reporting back of results.

Organizing Genealogical Papers or Photos

I can help you:

  • organize your digital and/or paper files, if you have already done your own research


$20/hour for organizational help

Interpreting your DNA Results

I can help you:

  • expand your understanding or interpretation of DNA results


$20/hour for help interpreting DNA results

Display or Presentation of Family History

I can help you:

  • put together a display or presentation from existing documents or new research for a milestone event (wedding, anniversary, birthday, family reunion)
  • collate a family history or gather ‘remembrances’ for someone nearing the end of life


$25/hour for additional research; $20/hour for putting together a book or display, plus any costs for publication or supplies

Contact me with your research request and we can discuss how I can help you.